Our story began with of a group of people, from past to new generations carrying a peculiar interest from vintage automobiles to the latest models, making a living, or evocating this hobby as a side interest entertainment, while organizations were formed gathering  on conventions and other activities to illustrate and exhibit their unique collections.  Nevertheless, THE MUSEUM OF TRANSPORTATION (MOT) an exquisite architectural building with over 35,000 s/f with a total of three floors, for exhibition, souvenir store, lounge café and activity rental rooms, has being developed to accomplish the intensity of a necessity market niche, recently discovered in the island of Puerto Rico.

Our Mission

Educating the public through collections, exhibitions and museum on the history of the transportation of Puerto Rico to contribute to knowledge and value that transportation represents for the people. Recreate the public on the transportation of Puerto Rico to link with the present and guide them for the preservation of objects as a reference for present and future generations.

Our Vision

Being the pioneer center transport information in Puerto Rico to fulfill its purpose of educating and building relationships with the community.

Vintage car

Plane Model from Museum of Transoportation MOT Puerto Rico