The Volunteer Program of the Museum of Transportation (MOT) aims to create and strengthen ties with the community. The team of volunteers helps ensure that the Museum is one of the best educational and entertaining centers of the country where Puerto Ricans and Tourists can learn about our history and development of transport and traffic in our society.

Any person who willfully want to be part of the Museum team works to facilitate visits and administrative procedures. The commitment of the volunteer is a valuable contribution to cultural enrichment of the country.

The program asks for volunteers in the following areas: teachers, ushers andadministrative assistants . The requirements are: resume, fill out the application / documents / and be interviewed , must complete a training program, be 18 years old and have completed high school.

If you want to be part of the team of volunteers from the Museum of Transportation please fill in the MOT Volunteer Program Application form. For more information call (787) 200-3900 or write to

Be a part of an exciting experience at the Museum of Transportation.

Volunteers at the MOT will gain experience, share knowledge with enthusiastic visitors, expand networking, and beef up your resume! Apply today and join us on an incredible journey through time.